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Coconut Oil - All in One 100% Baby Hair & Skin Moisturizer

Lots of mamas know that coconut oil is good for their skin, but many don’t realize that this natural oil from the coconut plant is also provides many benefits to a baby's skin.

Now, you may ask yourself, Why does a baby need coconut oil on its skin?

Doesn't a baby already have skin so smooth that you could probably start a stampede if you offered to let strangers touch your baby's skin in a public place?

And why would you want your baby to smell like a coconut anyway?

Well, because baby coconut oil can help even a baby's super smooth and soft hair and skin to retain its health and lustrous appearance, as well as do lots of other good things. Here's how the magic works.

It moisturizes. A baby’s hair and skin can get dry just like an adult’s can. For generations, in Southeast Asia coconut oil has been used on hair to retain its smoothness and promote healthy hair growth. Coconut oil has properties that keep the baby’s hair and skin moisturized, adding nutrients and vitamins and healthy fats to the tissue.

It neutralizes all sorts of skin irritations. Diaper rash can be torture for a baby. Using coconut oil on the affected area will treat any existing rash and protect against future irritation. Coconut oil also works wonders on the fungal infection called cradle cap, a scalp irritation that occurs in most infants. The oil helps to get rid of the fungus quickly and painlessly. Eczema is another skin condition that can plague infants, and coconut oil will help relieve symptoms and treat the dry itchy skin which can be extremely bothersome for babies.

It eases removal of meconium. Baby’s first bowel movement will consist of a tar like, sticky substance called meconium. Because it is sticky, it is hard to completely remove from the skin. Coconut oil breaks down the meconium and makes it easier to remove.

It heals thrush in mommy and baby. Thrush is a fungal infection of the mouth that can occur in infants and their mothers through breast feeding. A few drops of coconut oil applied to the nipples and the mouth will help cure the thrush.

It aids in healing skin wounds. An infant’s skin is super sensitive, and it can bruise or break easily. Coconut oil applied to the skin stimulates the healing process, especially boosting the production of collagen, which is vital for restoring damaged skin.


Coconut oil offers real benefits to their health, and it will help their skin to stay smooth, healthy, and glowing. But if you use it, be warned that people might find it hard to refrain from touching your baby’s skin!

Buy your jar of baby coconut oil.

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