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Personal Tips to Keep Your Pregnancy Smooth

Our hectic routines have made us so busy that we are unable to keep a check on our diet and maintain a healthy smooth one. Our lifestyle comprises of our choices and it is our utmost responsibility not to compromise on our health. For women out there who are already expecting to enter motherhood in a little while, what you do to your body has a direct effect on the fetus. Therefore, you need to have a healthy approach towards yourself if you want your pregnancy to be safe and smooth. Here are few personal tips which I followed.

Drink Lots and Lots of Water

It is essential to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water if you want your fetus to have healthy growth. This is good for your own body too as it helps you in staying fresh and removing all the toxins from your body. This is a great tip to avoid gaining extra body weight while pregnancy as well.

Increase Your Intake of Vital Nutrients

During pregnancy, you need to have an ample intake of folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin C, and protein. All these can be easily found in fresh fruits and vegetables; therefore, you need to eat them more. I did this by juicing with my cold pressed juicer! I mixed fruits and veggies to get my daily intake of the essential vitamins I need for a healthy, smooth pregnancy. Milk, cheese, and yogurt will also serve to be a great source of the entire necessary nutrient but it is essential to consume them in balanced quantities otherwise, they might lead to a weight gain. Also, remember don’t forget to take those Prenatal Vitamins daily.

Keep Ample Physical Activity

It is important to have enough physical activity which will help in inducing the labor pain towards the end of the pregnancy. Adopting a lethargic routine will not only be harmful to the mother but the fetus as well. Go for morning or evening walks and enjoy some time out relaxing because this will refresh your mind as well.

Apply Coconut Oil

I highly recommend good premium quality coconut oil for your expanding bell y and body, just massage it in after your bath or before, but leave it on long enough for your skin to absorb all of its natural nutrients that promote healthy, soft, skin. I did this religiously throughout my pregnancy to stay stretch mark free.

No Stress, Stay Happy

Although it is quite impossible not to be stressed out during this time but you need to have a control on your emotions and feelings. Your job, your house and even your partner will need you during all this time. It is up to not to be overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and demand some personal space. Make everyone understand that you can handle only a certain level of pressure and concentrate more on getting your life together as you are about to enter a whole new phase. Shift your attention to the happiness you will feel when you have your bundle of joy in your arms.

Prenatal Yoga

Especially in the last trimester, it becomes essential because it will help a lot during the labor. Join a session and go regularly because this will not only help in preparing physically but also mentally for the big day. It is completely fine if you find certain positions funny but this will help in releasing the stress even more.

This is that time of a woman’s life when her body is shared with someone else which makes it difficult for to adjust at times. Learn that it is absolutely fine and if you truly want to feel the happiness and satisfaction while holding your baby then ensure that your pregnancy is smooth.

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